Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new mucha collection from thebeadedlily

Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) produced a flurry of paintings, posters and illustrations, as well as designs for jewellery, carpets, wallpaper, and theatre sets in what became known as Art Nouveau (French for 'new art').

He has always been a favorite of mine and this collection focuses on him and another current obsession-- the use of color.

I have plans to enlarge the collection with earrings and then I'll just see how it's received before I expand it farther.

Innocence, from the Sweet Figments giveaway left for it's new home today and we're about 50 tweets from a winner on my Twitter giveaway-- as outlined below!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

giving still more away

The Twitter giveaway is still on! Going slower than I expected actually and I've contemplated awarding the necklace to the 500th tweep to tweet it instead of the 1000th. Then I woke up to a flurry of activity this morning, and decided to stick with 1000-- now I'm thinking 500 may indeed be better.

If you're on Twitter please enter to win and help me spread the word!

Just tweet this message: Please retweet! *WIN THIS CHOKER* from thebeadedlily http://bit.ly/9SCTt 1000th RT wins, max 1 RT per hour

Also though I'm offering this pretty purple concoction through Sweet Figments. Please go check out the short article and leave a comment there one the Sweet Figments blog to win!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

giving it away

If you're on Twitter and you'd like to enter to win it tweet this message: "*WIN THIS CHOKER* from thebeadedlily http://bit.ly/9SCTt 1000th RT wins, max 1 RT per hour"
I hit 2000 hearts in my Etsy shops today!

Monday, September 7, 2009

customer appreciation shot

I love it when my friends buy my stuff and it's not because of the money. It's because if a friend buys it I get to see it again every now and then.
The same thing applies to pieces I give as gifts.
One of the best parts about home parties and craft shows is seeing someone put something on and wear it when they walk walk away.
Selling online, I do miss that.
So I was excited to hear from the fabulous (and fabulously dressed) Sam!
Her photo adorns the the front page of The Small Studio where one can purchase insanely incredible custom-made tribal-style belly dance raiment, *sigh*
The nose ring she's wearing is one of my Rajasthani pieces-- and doesn't it look wonderful on her?
Hanan of Smoke Tribal Bellydance
Photo Credit: W. Eugene Slowik

I've worked with several dancers on naths as well-- and begged for pictures-- but this one was the best surprise! Even better when she gave me permission to share!
I love to look at the customer appreciation pictures on Etsy too, when folks find the time to leave them!