Tuesday, May 26, 2009

how we celebrate 500

Well-- celebrating 500 sales on Etsy! And a month off from blogging. I've been horrible, I know. Thank you for not unfollowing, unsubscribing and unfriending me. You're patience itself!

So how do I say thank you?

I've decided to take a page from Pamela over at TotusMel. I'll edit the page, of course!

To celebrate the 500 sales I'm going to have a little mini celebration!

First, till June 1st I'm going to have a little sale! 20% off anything and everything in either my Etsy or Artfire shops-- *BUT* you have to add a note with the word *blog* in it. On every purchase from here to midnight on the 31st I'll refund 20% of the item cost as long as the note is there. This is just for my blog buddies. No note, no refund!

Second, a gift! Because taste varies so widely, I like to offer thebeadedlily Gift Certificates instead of picking out prizes myself. Last time I offered a $25 Certificate. This time I'm going to offer two of them!

The drawing is open to everyone!

For your first entry, please visit my Etsy or ArtFire shop, pick out two things and leave me a comment here. Tell me--
what you love the most
what you'd wear the most
how I can get a hold of you in the event that you win

For another entry, leave a comment saying that you've tweeted the giveaway and leave a link to the tweet in the comment.

For another entry, link the giveaway on your Facebook or MySpace accounts. Again, leave a separate comment mentioning either Facebook or MySpace.

For another entry, mention the sale and the giveaway on your blog, complete with a picture and a link. Again come back, leave a separate comment with a link to your post!

For two more entries, take advantage of the sale, return here and mention your purchase!

So if you run through everything you'll have left 5 comments with 6 chances to win each $25 Certificate. You don't have to run through them all of course, take your pick!

The giveaway will end with the sale, midnight on the 31st. I'll randomly draw the winners and announce them Monday, June 1st.

Pamela kept adding more prizes for more entries and I plan to follow suit. If we get 50 people to enter-- that's not 50 entries, but 50 individuals-- I'll add a third $25 Gift Certificate to the pot. So we'll have a chance at three winners instead of two. I say a chance because winning one certificate won't diqualify you from the second or third drawing.

If we get 100 people I'll add a fourth $25 Gift Certificate. Four chances to win. $100 worth of prizes on the table.

If we get 150 individuals I'll up the value of the first drawing to a $50 Gift Certificate. And so on.

Shall we see how this goes?


  1. I visited Artfire and here are my answers:

    What you love the most-Bramble Bracelet, Primitive Series

    What you'd wear the most-Twist Ring-Primitive Series

    How to reach me: princess020302@yahoo.com or through http://ambersaromatheapy.etsy.com

    Congrats on your 500th sale!!

  2. #2 I have tweeted the giveaway:

  3. #3 Facebook link:

  4. #4-Blog posting:

    Mentions sale, giveaway, has a picture and a link.

  5. From your wonderful Etsy store.

    1. I love waterlilies, spring reflection cuff. It was this piece that first had me notice you and I am still deeply in love with it and its colors years later ;D

    2. I would wear infinite necklace-- primitive series the most because it matches a certain wonderful bracelet I have perfectly and could be worn with anything.

    You know how to reach me ;)

  6. I've tweeted - http://twitter.com/SandFibers

  7. I've put a link on my Facebook page.

    And I have totally neglected to say: Congratulations, Sarah!!! :D

  8. There are so many beautifully crafted pieces in your shop, but I am a big fan of native american beadwork, and I am drawn to your beaded bracelet/cuff. I also love the quirky sense of humore with the spaceship! Just my style. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=21763100

    I also love The Iolite necklace...almost wish it was a pouch! he he

    Honorable mention is the Hamunaptra cuff!

    Great shop!

  9. What I love the most is the I want to believe cuff, it is such a clever design.
    But, what I would wear the most is the Waterlilies, spring reflection cuff. Ingenious!!
    You can get a hold of me at abney_m@yahoo.com