Monday, September 7, 2009

customer appreciation shot

I love it when my friends buy my stuff and it's not because of the money. It's because if a friend buys it I get to see it again every now and then.
The same thing applies to pieces I give as gifts.
One of the best parts about home parties and craft shows is seeing someone put something on and wear it when they walk walk away.
Selling online, I do miss that.
So I was excited to hear from the fabulous (and fabulously dressed) Sam!
Her photo adorns the the front page of The Small Studio where one can purchase insanely incredible custom-made tribal-style belly dance raiment, *sigh*
The nose ring she's wearing is one of my Rajasthani pieces-- and doesn't it look wonderful on her?
Hanan of Smoke Tribal Bellydance
Photo Credit: W. Eugene Slowik

I've worked with several dancers on naths as well-- and begged for pictures-- but this one was the best surprise! Even better when she gave me permission to share!
I love to look at the customer appreciation pictures on Etsy too, when folks find the time to leave them!

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