Thursday, August 12, 2010

gerome at the getty

I'm currently in California-- Long Beach to be exact-- for two weeks.
Today we went to the Getty to see its collection of Rembrandts and a current Gerome exhibit.

The Black Bard was my favorite. I loved the Middle Eastern trappings and the colors and the tiny details of the yellow leather shoes and cowrie shells on the scabbard. The figure himself is so arresting though. Such beautiful hands and eyes that dared me to ask a story.

The first piece I saw that I fell in love with was The Bacchante. The way her hair and horns match textures is incredible and her lovely facial structure is exotic enough to convince me that she *could* be only mostly human.

Thumbs Down has elements that figure prominently in Gerome's work and make it memorable. His treatment of detail-- nothing goes unnoticed-- his treatment of light with its unexplained shimmerings and gleamings-- and his treatment of jewelry and other adornments-- the armor here is *fantastic*.

His treatment of cloth in all of its textures, weights and colors was also phenomenal.

There's a slide show here of the Getty's exhibition highlights that is worth seeing. And the work is worth seeing in person if you get the chance. His hand was amazingly delicate.


  1. Very cool! I love the Getty museum

  2. Enjoyed your take on the exhibit thoroughly!

  3. Loved the Getty when I went. It's been about 5-6 years, but wouldn't mind making another trip next time I'm out in CA.

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