Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a small celebration in the offing

This week thebeadedlily on etsy will garner its 3000th heart! Warm fuzzies!
I've decided to celebrate by offering a shop-wide unprecedented 30% off for 30 hours, and I'm not keeping it a secret this time and saving the discount for returning customers only.
thebeadedlily on etsy is 15 hearts away right now, and the sale will go live as soon as I see heart number 3000. So heart your favorites now and keep an eye out to snap them up this week!

'sampling' by thebeadedlily

final frontier-- co...

silver double chain...

ars poetica gemston...

brass binding bangl...

sky necklace

aegeus-- ocean jasp...

sabatini bracelet

fountain, iced over...

fencai necklace

on the blue shore o...

equestrianne neckla...

waterlilies, spring...

ocean of storms bea...

infinite-- handmade...

rosetta coil bracel...

ostentatious, a jew...

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  1. Posted your store on my Facebook! Hope you get lots of hearts and sales! Peace!

  2. Thank you Kathy!!! Supersweet of you<3