Tuesday, November 11, 2008

all the colors of a zebra

I'm drifting today. Lot's of things are on my mind. I'm really wanting to improve my craft booth display. Right now it sits at amateur, because I've only ever done small shows, which is fine, but I'm considering taking it to the next level-- juried events-- and a booth can really define how people see your art and will even make a difference on if you get in or not.

I'm thinking of the pros and cons of hang tags and earring cards and design, cost and effort. Storage. Organization. Time management.

I'm thinking of ways to alleviate excess frustration.

I'm giving thought to this blog as well, what it should contain and what it should not.

All of that does relate to art and business. It also relates to quality of life. But all of that thought is of limited value unless it's acted on.

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  1. I spend a lot of time thinking about my craft booth display... sometimes I think I spend too much money on it, and most of the time I think I don't spend nearly enough money on it...

    I think of my artwork as an experience for the people who look at it, and I would like to extend that experience to the rest of my booth, but am limited by, well not just funds, but indecision...

    (p.s. I am just going to switch browsers each time I comment on your blog, maybe that will fix it!)

  2. I share a double booth with three other artists, two basketweaver/gourd artists and another jewelry maker. We keep the booth very open so that customers can walk in/walk through. Floor covering and side panel decorations are group decisions and cost is shared. I recently invested in new adjustable height tables, and my sales increased significantly! Customers appreciate not having to bend down. I use hang tags large enough to accomodate my info and jewelry description, and every purchase is packaged in a color-themed gift box and then placed in a gift bag. I'm bored with my black silky table covers though ... might be time for a change. :)

  3. Gosh I could spend days and days trying to perfect the booth display...I usually set up tables in my living room, so there's no where to walk, arrange all my goodies a million times, and then take pictures, so I remember how I had things set up...shows are mucho work...I really think your work would sell well at big shows though...so I'm sure it'll be worth the effort.

  4. I'm looking into those tables Swanee!

    Heather I thought your display was wonderful, simple, clean professional (sans wind:)