Friday, August 29, 2008

Prepping for the Bazaar-- Price Tagging

Today I finished off that bead mix with a 17-coil cuff. I love making those really crazy, wild things! They only sell so-so because it takes as certain kind of gal to wear them. The women who wear them though, adore them! And of course they're always great for compliments.

Then I started price tagging everything that wasn't already tagged. I don't tag as a rule, but I did a few home parties earlier this year and some of my inventory is tagged from that.

I'm still struggling with a way to tag things in a practical, attractive and different fashion.

And even though I'm not actually pricing anything, just tagging it, it has me thinking about pricing. A few articles I've read recently have me thinking about pricing too, and I thought I'd share them with you!

MaryLou's Art [Ad]venture
How do you price your work?

Angela Fehr- painting simplicity
Don't Paint for Peanuts: How to Price Your Art Part 1
Don't Paint for Peanuts: How to Price Your Art Part 2

Artist, Emerging
More Thoughts on Pricing Your Work

Pricing Artwork

Hopefully I can finish this up tomorrow. Then I need to make some of my nose rings and other Primitive Series things. If it's a frequent seller, I generally make them to order. If it's not a make them one at a time anyway.

I got two notes today from customers who not only left nice feedback but took time to thank me personally and gush a bit too. That was awesome! Plus I had two inquiries about custom items and one inquiry about a home party. That all made me feel good.

On the stress front, I finally went to get my oil changed in my car. What can I say? It was an ordeal. But it's done. On to better things.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful article on pricing our items. Some of it I have to mull over to get things worked out. Again, thank you.

  2. Thanks for linking to my blog. Your beadwork is incredible and I love the way you photograph it!

  3. Angela-- Your's was a fantastic article! Thanks for think ing it all out so clearly and sharing with the rest of us! And thank you too for your comments on my work:)

  4. Hi! Your bead work's terrific!
    Your article has helped me a little in pricing my art work.