Friday, August 15, 2008

Sand Fibers Celebration Giveaway

If you're a Sand Fibers fan have I got some news for you! If you've never seen her work please look! It's fabulous!

Carol Dean Sharpe is coming up to her 300th Etsy sale and it celebrating by giving away 3 of her new Color Ribbon cuffs in custom colorways!

It's an incredible offer! Start a collection, buy a gift for a pal and reward yourself for your kindness, kill two birds with one stone if you have two occasions coming up . . . just think of the possibilities!
And then think of the possibilities in color-- and then go shop!
There's a few hours left to vote on the EBW Art Deco Challenge too. If you haven't seen it, do!


  1. I am very happy for CD and can't wait to see who wins the EBW challenge

  2. Thank you for publicizing this, Sarah! I hope to help celebrate your 300th before you know it :D

  3. Me too! Although i think I'll do 250-- half way to the 500 mark, ya know:)