Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unusual Materials

I just had to share elJan's Forgiven, again. I thought it was so marvelous a built a treasury around it.

Since it was mostly ignored and now expired I wanted more exposure for this pretty.

My biggest hope is that the bugs were already dead when they were decorated. I'm all about using dead stuff in art, but not if I have to kill it. I can wait till the bug's done with its body before I string it, or whatever.

One day I'll share my dead bug necklace. Suffice to say it's a real attention getter!

Remember my current project has the beetle wing coverings!


  1. I am sorry, Sarah, I don't think I could wear a dead bug no matter how beautiful it was. By the way, that one is beautiful.

  2. That was a great and unusual treasury Sarah - it caught my eye and I did the whole clicking and commenting thing ;D

    Some beetles have such stunning iridescent colors on them - nature can be a wonderful inspiration for art.

    Kerrie :0)

  3. Kerrie-- your comment about a new side was part of why I continued in this vein:)

    elJan was kind enough to send me a note about her piece and give permission for me to post it here:
    "Thanks for posting my beaded bug, Sarah! Yes, he was quite dead when I got him, a valentine from my husband. "Forgiven" by A.A.Milne is perhaps my favorite poem and has been something of a touchstone during our long and very happy marriage, so this piece means a lot to me.

    I'm glad you like it.

  4. OMG thank you so much for sharing this amazing bead artist!!!! i've been drooling over her shop for the last half hour! her designs, ideas, and colour combinations are absolutely superb!!!! wow!!!!

  5. SO glad you enjoyed! I ran an interview with her. Check out her website too-- WOW!