Saturday, June 28, 2008


Is it news when we spend money? It's complicated. A few months ago I bought some beads during the LEST sale and I made Thalassa.

When I listed it I sent a note to the artist, Carol, of CarolsGlassCreations. She sent me back a note telling me that she'd showed it off on

Well I got a bunch of hearts from lampwork artists almost immediately. But yesterday I got a heart from Paul at FireDanceBeads. And oh my word! His stuff is fabulous! So wonderful that I was afraid to show off my faves in a treasury for fear someone would buy then out from under me. My connection with these beads is physical. I *had* to have them! I'm a little mad that I even ever saw them because I don't need more beads and I don't need to spend more money. But I had to have these. Aren't they wonderful?


  1. I just really didn't need to see this right now. Do you have any idea how much will power I am exerting at this very moment! Thanks a lot! :p

  2. I can totally relate! And Etsy makes it even harder to show restraint, because it's easier to click than to walk into a shop!

  3. They are definitely wonderful! Now I'll have to go check out YET ANOTHER SHOP!!! I just received a package of beads and buttons from LisaPetersArt, and I'm still wiping up the drool.

    R e s i s t t h e u r g e t o b u y m o r e .....


  4. Thanks Jean!
    Adins, you're right:)
    ML, Lisa Peters is on my list:)

  5. Do we ever NEED any more beads and NEED to spend money? Of course not, we are beadaholics after all. We never NEED....We WANT and HAVE TO HAVE. LOL

  6. They are beautiful! It will be fun to see what they become!

  7. True Marilyn!
    I feel the same way Marlaine!