Friday, June 27, 2008

What to Blog About

art like sushi
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Do you know how many blog posts have been written on what to blog about? Thousands. Maybe more.

And here I am with a brand new blog and I'm a bit stumped. Much of it has to do with my audience. I haven't figured out who you are yet. That is, I don't have any regular readers as far as I know and I'm not really sure who I'm aiming to attract. I do want regular readers, but before I can get them, I have to figure out what they want to read about.

Catch 22 and an interesting dilemma.

I've started putting together some questions to use to interview artists, because this is a blog about an art-filled life.

So if you're an artist and you want to be interviewed leave me a comment.

We narrowly missed a post about sushi-- very sad, but not everyone in the car wanted sushi for dinner. Oh so, so sad. Sushi is art.


  1. Is the picture of the green bead art a ring? It looks pretty whatever it is. Oops, just clicked on the picture and found out it was sushi. Well, you can see where my mind is.....on beads. LOL

  2. Sushi is beautiful, but I'm not sure I could eat it Sarah! LOL

  3. Sushi IS art! Your blog post made me hungry!! And now I wish I had had sushi for dinner. :-P

  4. Marilyn-- it does look like beads!

    Anna-- you just need to od it with the right person the first few ties. You take it slow, start with the cooked stuff and the veggies. Then you branch out the better stuff!

    Adina-- me too, me too!

  5. Sushi is art! Life is art! Blogging is art!

    I often feel like I'm blogging in a vacuum- but I keep nattering on about beadwork. And the Etsy Beadweavers are very polite about it. *grin*

    I love reading beady blogs, and I have yours on my Google Reader feed. I always read your posts and enjoy them very much.

  6. Definitely looks like lime green seed beads to me Sarah ;)

    I only blog once a week - gives me time to think something up :)

  7. Melody-- I understand the blogging in the vacuum feeling. But you never know who's on the other end. Like I didn't know you subscribed--thank you!

    Kerrie I have a feeling that if I tried the once a week thing I wouldn't do it at all.

  8. i love your blog and i have to tell you that i don't think you should have to figure out what your readers want - you should write about what you want to - what comes from your soul. it could be beads, it could be sushi, it could be what you read last. at first, i tried to make my blog all about my art, but quickly figured out that my life makes my art, so you get the whole shebang there. including sushi. i am nut for it. you should definately write about sushi :) :) :)
    now i'm hungry....

  9. Kim and amber thanks for the advice!
    If I'd had sushi I would have written about it! And next time I do, I probably will!