Sunday, July 26, 2009

fun with copper

Forever and a half ago I bought some copper wire-- but I never got around to even opening it.

Then Serene over at BlessedLotus asked me to make her a copper nath.
I liked the way it turned out so I used it to make a few more pieces.

gemstone gauntlet

earth girl copper anklet/bracelet

entish green long necklace

raiment as you like necklace

Around the same time I started make a few of my Simplicity Series pieces in solid 14k gold-- but that didn't sweep me away like the copper. Perhaps I enjoy it so much because I'm not afraid to waste it.
In other news-- I think I'm almost over my orange kick. Almost.
Last year I pegged orange as the hardest color for me to work with. That's history. Maybe yellow is hardest now?


  1. nice work. I especially like the gemstone gauntlet :)

  2. copper is great to work with (and you are right, it is nice not to stress the waste)... have started incorporating it myself as am experimenting with mixed, well, everything... really nice pieces...