Wednesday, July 8, 2009

theory of everything and jetlag

Nobody beat me because the title of this post is much cooler than said post, ok?
I listed the newest piece in my Primitve Series today.
Theory Of Everything-- TOE
Not very funny I know-- but no one but you guys will ever know!
I'm still insanely and frustratingly tired after my weekend away. I feel jetlagged. Last night I went to bed before 8pm and today I napped and renapped.
I remind myself that if I'd had pnuemonia and wasn't up to snuff it wouldn't be fair to be upset with myself. If I had a bad back would I get annoyed because I couldn't lift the couch? (probably-- which is my problem)
I have a sensitive system-- I don't do well with crowds and I spent the weekend in one. Payback is to be expected and I will recover. There's no sense getting angry with myself because I don't recover as quickly as most people-- and yet . . .


  1. Very cool creation! I hope you feel better soon:)

  2. Those of us with sensitive systems understand :) Feel better and I love your TOE