Friday, July 3, 2009

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Any article that starts out "One of the first records of wearable ornaments was in 3000 BC in Egypt" is going to be a good one!

So go ahead and check out "Wearable Arts or Jewelry?" on

It raised some great thoughts."The ornament collectors’ love of beautiful ornaments naturally spills over into the enjoyment of adorning themselves with ornaments." Oh yeah! Doesn't it just!

And, "Will you ever again choose to throw on a piece of jewelry just because it matches your outfit? Start with the wearable ornament or ornaments that feel right today and let your outfit accessorize." I loved it! The collector's mind just doesn't work that way!

Of course, not everyone buys handmade art jewelry as a collector. Some of us are fashionistas and others just want something magical to wear to a special occasion. This article really hit the spot for me though because I am something of a collector and to have my work shown to likeminded folks is a thrill!

It doesn't hurt that my work was shown off with the work of other talented artists that I admire!


  1. i really cannot get over how intricate your work it... labor intensive for sure... how long does it take to create a wearable art piece like the one shown above? off to read the article...

  2. That took about 30 hours. I usually work on them for two to 4 weeks in between other things.

    If it's a personal project, like my dino skull or the green project I don't really bother keeping count too much.

    Ususally my cuffs take less time though-- about hald that.