Thursday, July 30, 2009

treasuries and insanity

iced teal

Now for the insanity portion. *screech*

A friend of mine has asked me about having a jewelry party.

And I'm discombobulated!

The big gulp for me is that I've been a virtual hermit for the past year. I went from being *extremely* active to not leaving my house. I went from being the type of person who might be intimidated by strangers, but who would reach out to them even so, to getting panic attacks if I was outside and the neighbors were in their yard.

I've been slowly getting better. I'm on Prozac, I'm seeing a shrink, I'm reading about all about anxiety and depression and sensitivity-- and I'm slowly, slowly getting through it. I can lift my head in public. I can sit in a stadium with 8000 people.

Can I do a jewelry party?

Well-- I can't afford not to, so I said yes.

And now the insanity strikes.

My shops are well stocked currently-- better than ever before actually. So I'm concentrating on making up the little pieces that I usually make to order.

So far I'm up to about a 100 bits and bobs-- AKA earrings!

With about a 100 left to go.

That said-- being nervous about the prep work-- I have about 150 pieces to attach price tags to-- and set up-- I'm totally not into my current display--and calculating sales tax on the fly-- eek-- it's the people that I must engage. *screech and cower*

Frontal lobe says it's no big deal and I'll be just fine. Heart says you're making progress, take another step.

Something else inside says 'danger will robinson'



  1. do have any ativan or xanax? that will totally help with your fears.

  2. also, if you ever have any questions regarding agoraphobia or panic disorder, i would be happy to help any way i can. i was a long time sufferer and now my disorder is much improved.

  3. I hope everything works out for you! you could always make the stuff and have your friend sell them?

  4. Could you make a price chart instead of tagging each individual item? I don't know how you price your jewelry, but that seems like it would be a little easier. How many people are going to attend the party? Could you maybe print up an order sheet where people could fill out their order if they want something more specific, and then you could take it home and fill it and work out the price. (When they're aren't so many people around). I dunno, these are just some suggestions. I hope they help.

  5. Okay, sorry, I was looking through your shop and I had a thought. If you're nervous about being around people, why don't you keep the conversation on something that you're comfortable with. Jewelry! Why don't you do a demo of one of your creations, or create something totally new. Maybe even create something made-to-order where the person picks out their color beads, findings, etc...and you whip them into a pair of earrings or a wire ring. I'm willing to bet that people will be more excited to buy something that they saw you make right there. It would also keep their questions geared toward beads/wire, etc. Which might help to keep you calmer if you don't have to talk about yourself or answer extremely personal questions. I dunno, maybe you already do all this stuff and I'm just flappin' my gums! I've never been to or hosted a jewelry party, but whatever you decide to do, good luck, and don't worry too much, I'm sure you'll be fine.

  6. Don't worry about calculating the sales tax. Increase the tagged price to account for it and then "back out" the tax for reporting/paying purposes.

    And always remember that people won't be at all surprised at an artist being "quirky"...they kind of expect it of us. Be you and you'll be fine, dearest Sarah. Use your friend as a "buffer" if you need to. *hugs* and much love!

  7. Yay tips! Thank you all very much:)
    I will for sure try some of these!

  8. You'll be great, Sarah. I know it in my heart. (And the coat will give you courage)