Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a day in the life of . . .

Treasuries have been few and far between for me lately so I thought I'd share a couple that are still up!
Sticks and Stones
Yesterday I made and listed 4 pieces-- one of which was purchased overnight and went off today.

Yep-- I woke up this morning to a 10 item order on ArtFire. So after I packed that up and sent it out I began putting more things in my ArtFire shop.

It's a bit spotty, reflecting my enthusiasm or lack there of. Whenever I finished a piece if I was feeling enthusiastic about AF I list it there. If I wasn't I didn't. So I'm playing a bit of catchup now that I've decided on keeping my shop there. And that is how I've spent most of my day! And I'm still far from done!

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  1. congrats! so glad that buyers are appreciating what you are creating... it's nice to know others are connecting to what you make...