Thursday, June 25, 2009

spoke too soon, again

Have you ever noticed how you wait patiently for your package to arrive, you finally complain and it comes that day?
Just last night I mentioned that there had been treasury famine over at thebeadedlily-- and of course today I have 3 new treasuries to show you. Ironic.
Again, they're live-- so feel free to get a closer look!
(dear, how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away)
I'm contemplating 14ga hoops in 10mm diameters right now. Tough one. At that size the wire is tough to bend and had virtually no flex. But a customer wants to know if I can make them-- so that's on my list to do today-- though my first effort was pitiful.
I also need to get back on to filling my ArtFire shop. I have some reading that needs to be done today. And here I am indulging my inner voyeur by reading art blogs and posting my in my own!


  1. you put it out there, and the universe heard! :0) congrats and well deserved... so how do you put a treasury page into your blog?