Saturday, June 20, 2009

just a note:)

I'm still alive.
I have not, despite evidence to the contrary, abandoned my bloggy ambitions. I plan to restart my daily postings, and soon. I can feel myself regaining bits of energy, but as of yet, those bits are easily snuffed and I'm being, perhaps, too protective of them.


  1. No such thing as being too protective of those energies, dear one. You must take care of self, above all :)

  2. i have been thinking of you and wondering where you were.
    hope you feel better soon.
    you are such an inspiration and i have missed reading your wonderful posts!

  3. you cannot force creativity or healing... it's like a fish swimming upstream... take the time, rejuvenate... certainly anyone that cares will be waiting when you return!

  4. *HUG* Always good to be whole & healed. You can't create when your mind, body, & spirit are out-of-whack! Take care!!