Thursday, June 4, 2009

here comes the bride?

I haven't given serious thought to my wedding in two years. It's natural I suppose, given that I have no plans to actually get married.

Two years ago I was helping sistermine plan her wedding. And thinking that there was no way on earth I'd ever put myself through much of that mess. (Note: Sistermine had a lovely wedding-- though there were way too many people there.)

So why now? The latest EBW challenge theme is Here Comes The Bride.

I've done my fair share of wedding jewelry. But I design it specifically for the bride, who is well-known to me! To just sit down and design wedding jewelry is kind of un-fun for me truthfully.

Not that I have anything against (or not much against) marriage-- which is a sacred and honorable thing with valid purposes to be sure. I kind of do have something against weddings though. They're kind of silly. Most of them seem less about the wedding than they are an excuse to get together and party. And, yeah, the bizarre customs associated with them are beyond silly.

I'd probably head to the nearest Justice of the Peace myself. Or barring that, I have friends that could do the honors and sign the certificate. Their living room seems like a good place to get that done.

And what would I wear on that sweet occasion? Well, I'd probably dress up a bit. Maybe even make a pretty frock. Linen or some peace silk chiffon.

I'm thinking that I have plenty of rings. If I don't get a 'wedding ring' I can switch them up and out at will. And save the money. That said, I like these:
I've taken to wearing three of these on the ring finger of my right hand and I love them:

I love this-- I'd wear it often-- which is a big deal for me because I really don't see spending resources on something I'll only wear once!

A shocking lack of diamonds, pearls and Swarovski, yes?
Now, the jewelry that I've designed for weddings-- it's all had crystal! They were crystal weddings. And gifts for brides having crystal weddings. The last set I did featured pearls with crystal. I try to keep it a secret, but I loathe pearls with crystal. One or the other please!
But that kind of leaves me stuck on Here Comes the Bride.


  1. this might be a fun opportunity to look into wedding customs from other culture, and design something accordingly...

  2. Weddings ... take 'em or leave 'em. To me, it's the marriage that's important. We went the Justice of Peace route and I'm so glad we did. Saved loads of money and stress...a sane start to a life together.

    I can no longer wear my wedding rings and so I gladly wear my own stack of primitives instead ;)

  3. Oh...and I really like the idea sterling and quartz crystal for a wedding piece...strong with just enough earthy bling ;)

  4. Lovin dat loving da metal piece :)

  5. funny, i have made some neutral-ly pieces that i had considered catagorizing as wedding on etsy... i am inspired to do so now that i see another sharing the non-sparkly feeling... there are earthy mamas getting married, and not always in traditional gowns or in traditional ways... i love your pieces... they would make someone feel a bit more unique, i think... really nice!

  6. These are beautiful, I love the swirly ring and the last necklace.. thanks for sharing... Roxanne