Friday, June 26, 2009

i've been asked if I feel sad

about parting with pieces that I've made. I usually just say 'sometimes', with a little shrug and smile. What's a girl with a serious bead addiction to do, anyhow?

Yesterday, I was asked again, and for the first time I actually wrote out an answer. One that didn't have to be digested in half a second. I took my time. I thought about it.

The answer is, still, predictably, sometimes.

Seeing my pieces on others gives me every bit of the joy I get from wearing them myself and art is simply meant to be shared. The difficult part is finding people to share it with.

So, when I create something custom I'm always super excited to send it off. But in a way, it was never mine to begin with.

If I list a piece and it sells overnight, I'm excited. Maybe because I didn't have time to get too attached?

Conversely, once a piece hits two or so, (years) I find that I want to sell it before the rest of my work outgrows it. If I keep a piece for my personal collection this doesn't matter to me, but for my selling inventory, I want it the work to represent who I am and what I'm doing *now*.

When I have a special connection to the piece I'm excited to find someone who loves it as much as I do. It's like making a suggestion that someone accepts. It's very satisfying. I also sit and think about what good taste they have-- for buying the best that I have to offer. Or what in my opinion is the best.

When I have a special connection to the person, that makes a difference too. If I feel disassociated from them somehow, it considerable lessens my joy.

If I tried a new technique, or was especially proud of the piece it can be a little hard. I'm glad to see them go be loved, yet I miss their presence. It sounds funny, I know.

Sometimes I think of my pieces long after their gone. Other times, I'll see a piece, and not remember making it, but I know I did, because it's totally my style! Usually, if I think long enough, I remember where the beads came from and the inspiration and process follows.

I do collect my own work. But it's not always the best designs, or best beads. It's simply a matter of what speaks to my own personal style. There are plenty of pieces that I've sold or gifted away that are superior in everyway to some of the pieces I've kept for myself. Sometimes I'll make something and when I'm almost done I realize it will stay with me. Other times I make things for myself specifically-- but I don't always keep them when they're done. I can usually sense if they weren't meant to stay-- even if I use beads that I bought specifically for myself.

The solution perhaps is lots of pictures with everyone wearing my jewelry!
So while there are many factors and perhaps a tinge of something less than perfect happiness, I'm very thankful that I get to share my work.


  1. Nicely done. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on sending your creations off to new homes.