Tuesday, June 23, 2009

hello world

How do you tell the world what you love?

My Collections Series are born of my love not just of jewelry, but of the beads themselves. It's a beads, for beads sake thing.
I made collections necklace for myself with some prized beads and pendants. This is my first collection up for purchase.
Siren is a collection inspired by the beach.
It features:
Assorted bits of pretty horn and glass

Raku button by MAKUstudios (signed on the back by Mak-- she does the richest, most brilliant colorations of any raku artist I've ever seen)

Three heavily textured silvered ivory beads by Paul at firedancebeads that look like bones from the sea

Labradorite-- a grey feldspar known for iridescence

Wire wrapped driftwood

Red horn ring

Serpentine, a khaki colored stone handcarved in an Oriental pattern

Polymer clay bird skull by Dee of Malodora-- love the realism!

Gold coral

Antler tip-- naturally shed

Fossilized megalodon shark tooth

Green garnet

African brass wound bead

Ceramic frame from LisaPetersArt-- Lisa does awesome shapes and textures to die for

Stoneware bead with an irregular, mottled surface in blue, sage and brown by Jubilee. These were some of the most wonderful beads I ever bought-- and this is the last one.

Citrine rough. I loved the way the clear yellow blends with the snowy quartz.

Petosky honeycomb fossil, from Lake Michigan shores- the name means "rising sun"

Sterling Silver imame from Egypt. It's the terminus for a strand of prayer beads

Faceted bone-- fabulous color and texture, like fossilized ivory

Twilight lily bead from HumbleBeads. The pale blue of dusk covers the lily white beads that are then antiqued with a rich chocolate brown. Heather's textures are amazing.

Kyanite-- it was love at first sight for me and this collector's mineral

Satin finished borosilicate lampwork bead in earthtones by twosisters4

The Siren collection is wired to a 37 inch (94 cm) length of sterling silver flat cable chain with lengths of 20 and 18ga sterling silver wire. I created a lovely 's' clasp to close it.
It's easily worn at 24 inches (61cm), 37 inches (94cm), or anywhere in between. I added a dangle to the final link for a very finished and versatile piece.
It can even be worn as a belly chain-- it's that long! And if you're totally and completely fearless you can wrap it as a very chunky bracelet!
This is, of course, a one of a kind collection. I'd love to make more of course, but they're a bit pricey. I wonder if there will be a market for them. If not, I can always wear it with the first collections piece!


  1. This is awesome! Wow! Thanks for the kind words on my raku! I know a little more about what you love!

  2. I love all the unique pieces used in your work! Very cool.