Friday, July 25, 2008

15 Things Every Bead Artist Should Remember

I asked beaders what advice they'd offer to experienced bead artists.

This is what they said:

Rainy Lane says: What you have accomplished gives others inspiration to keep moving forward.

Adina Halpern says: Bead what you love. Develop a style you can be proud of. Always enjoy what you're making!

Enchanted Beads says: Get your inspiration from visiting museums, exhibits, art sites on the Internet. Try to take a break from time to time, visit with a friend, spend time with your family, see a good movie or just take a stroll in the favorite area of your city/town.

Lynn Davy says: No matter how good you think your work is, it can always be better -be your own severest and most honest critic, and always try to improve your techniques and learn something new with every piece you make.

TotallyTwisted says: Make sure your finishing and closures are up to par with your bead work. Invest in good, quality findings and take the time to make a sturdy closure for a necklace or bracelet. A closure that can easily be fastened by one person and something that will stay closed.

Silver Dragon says: Push your personal envelope!

Smadars Treasure says: Try creating free form, using as many techniques as you can in one piece. Also try to make your original designs rather than sticking to other's work.

ClaireCreations says: Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Try freeform. Try anything. Expand your horizons.

SalamanderHouse says: Move outside your comfort zone, take risks. Buy better lights.

SquirrelsTale says: Don't stray too far from your own unique style.

JPDesignWorks says: Don't just rest on your laurels. There is *always* something new to learn.
tenstoreylovesong says: Always be open to learning new skills and passing them onto others.

Grandma Marilyn says: Remember that everyone starts from the bottom. Beginners have great respect for the more experienced beaders. Help them to grow so that they can be as good or better than you someday.

SantiamDesigns says: She who dies with the most beads wins!

My advice? Bore no one.
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  1. All great advice...

    Mine? Do what you love and have fun doing it!
    (I guess that applies to more than just beadweaving.)


  2. What a great collection of good advice! Thanks for doing this.

  3. Just back from a weekend away - good advice for all beaders!

    jean hutter