Thursday, July 10, 2008

Try Handmade-- You'll Love It

Well-- of course you will! I tell people that all the time. You may too.

One of the awesome things about the Internet is that it allows ever more people access to handmade and also encourages them to give it a try.

This afternoon I was featured on a shopping blog called Try Handmade. A big thank you for the mentions and the mission!

I try to give handmade, figuring if people try it they'll be hooked! It's also pretty obvious to my friends that I like to get handmade.

Etsy has been an awesome place for me personally to get my hands on fabulous handmade bath and body products, makeup, paper products, bags and best of all, beads!

I read recently about a gal that starts conversations about handmade in grocery store lines! What about you? Are you a handmade convert? How do you get the word out? Where do you buy handmade?


  1. I love Etsy, too! It's been such a creative outlet for me and I LOVE the EBW group!

  2. I do love handmade. I made a rule when I moved into the house we live in now- no art that isn't handmade! I've stuck to that, and it's a great way to promote handmade stuff. A lot of our dishes are handmade too, and some of our bedding!

    I generally wear at least one handmade item whenever I go out, and I talk about Etsy all the time.

  3. Melody I just love that-- no art that isn't handmade! Awesome!

  4. I'd much rather receive something handmade, particularly if it was made by the person giving it to me, than something from a store.

    Okay, this is a stretch, but it's one of the things I think of when I think of something handmade... One of my most precious possessions is the "Happy Birthday" sign my husband made for me three years ago. He hung it on the back of the garage door so it would drop down when the door opened. I've left it hanging there for all this time, and I smile every time we drive into our garage. A Hallmark card would never make me feel as special as that sign does. He spent a couple of hours working on it.

    Have I ever mentioned just how lucky I am to have my husband?

  5. Ah-ha! And this is the flipside of the dishwasher thing:)
    That's a lovely handmade story:)

  6. Sarah, the two cuffs featured on that blog are absolutely gorgeous!

    And yes, I have always tried to give handmade. This started when I was a little kid and gave little kid drawing and the like, as little kids do, but I never really stopped giving handmade things. I just always loved the reactions I got - and people felt special knowing I created something just for them. I love the get handmade things too. A drawing my friend made me for my 17th birthday is hanging up in my apartment. I love it because she made it just for me, and it reminds me of her, even though I haven't seen her in years!

    I love to buy handmade too - partly because I love the thought of supporting artists like me, and partly because it's so nice to think about all the work and the personal touch that went into these things! :-)

  7. Adina-- I did the same thing when I was little:)

  8. i loved the feature on your cuffs. that was awesome!
    i have been trying to buy handmade more - especially the things i collect and use often - notecards, stationary, and especially art. i only buy hand made art as well.
    i wish i could get my friends to get on board, but i am having a hard time with that one!

  9. cool, congratulations. I have always loved handmade. When you give handmade, you give a piece of yourself and visa versa.

  10. I do love handmade! and i do have this creative nature in me, waiting again to come out. I have even given some handmade stuff in my life... even my wedding invite envelopes and thank-you give-aways were handmade! right now, what keeps me restless is the fact that i want to get my hands on beading. still got no equipment though but i am getting there.

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