Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bow of Burning Gold

Today I got another Etsy Treasury! This one goes out to Triz Tager. I was wondering which EBW member I should tribute in my next treasury and as I read Triz's blog today, I thought it should for sure be her. Due in part to unrest in Israel, she's hit a bit of a rough patch and some things are very uncertain for her right now, but she's trying to focus on good things-- here's something for her to focus on!

I looked through her beautiful works and was really torn about what to feature! I picked several possibilities and then went and looked at her favorite items and her blog. I wanted to feature some of the beauties of Israel and Jerusalem and I found Mystery Street 1 by javax. The burning lights asked to be paired with some of Triz's more neutral colored art and also suggested a title, which I took from William Blake's Jerusalem.

Everything else was built around that. I wanted more of the EBW Team and Natural Stones, Quartz Bead and Beadwoven Necklace by Smadar's Treasure was perfect. She also lives in Israel so it was apt thematically as well.

Triz belongs to the newly formed BAO Team as does thejadedog whose Face Pendant was in Triz's favorites. She has sooooo many shops hearted! I believe that's where I found eringarrisondesign and her Sunset Wishes and artisantmontana and her Oriental Beauty.

Searching 'gold' rendered jenniferdennispotter's shop of stunning shots like Gold and ericburris1215's magnificent split hoop earrings. A search for 'fire' offered iacua's rose palm ring.

The hints of mystery offered by dragonjools' Creature from the Ocean, threebluesnails' ammonite and stilettoheights' The Painted Veil came from my favorite shops.

Oddly Triz was this Treasury's first visitor. She found it before I finished!
You can see it closer here for the next few days.

'Don't forget to check out the EBW Team Sale.'


  1. Gold must be the color of your heart, Sarah :)

  2. Sarah - These "tribute" treasuries of yours are so special, and this one for triz is particularly beautiful. It's so nice of you to put such a great deal of thought and time into building them.

  3. Sarah, I have to addmit that reading this post really touched my heart. It is so nice of you to do this for Triz! And your treasury is SO beautiful, I'm honored to be included in it :). The minute I saw the Mystery Street and before I clicked on it, I thought it reminded me of the streets of amazing Jerusalem at nights.. THANK YOU!

  4. Wonderful blog post and treasury Sarah - I thoroughly enjoyed the journey you just took me on :0)

  5. Marilyn, Kerrie and ML-- thanks for looking! I'm so glad that you continue to enjoy them:)

    CD-- it takes one to know one:)

    Smadar-- that shot is so beautiful isn't it? I've never been to Jerusalem but I'm sure that the area is full of incredible sights! It's unbearable to think of the hard things people face just by virtue of living in a certain area. It's harder when you know them in some way.
    I love your piece-- it's perfect on sooo many levels!

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my "Gold" photo in your treasury and blog. What a lovely tribute to your friend.


  7. Very interesting read about how you made your picks for this treasury. It is an outstanding treasury and very front page worthy - I hope to see it there!

    jean hutter

  8. I had a feeling... that's why I was first :-)
    I cannot even begin to tell you how you and all who left me messages on my blog, have touched my heart during this crazy upside-down week!!! Carol Dean is absolutely right! Gold is the colour of your heart and your sentiments and thoughts are so much more valueable than gold!!!! Thank you so much, for holding me in your thoughts and for putting this beautiful thoughtful treasury together and dedicating it to me!!!! You are a treasure!!!!

  9. Wow Triz! You have good feelings! You're so welcome-- more than I can say, and I'm thankful for the chance to lift your spirits just a bit:) And grateful too to all the others who expressed their support as you worked through this ultra-stressful period!

  10. Sarah, you have an amazing artist's eye for creating treasuries! I've looked down trough several of them on your blod, and it's consistently beautiful. Nice work!