Sunday, July 27, 2008


Susan of ClinkscalesArts just posted her entry in the EBW Art Deco Challenge! Her beautiful earrings feature the clean lines she favors, but with the perfect hint of embellishment. So for the ever helpful, supportive and talented Susan . . .

To the prettiest pair of beadwoven earrings ever, I added a fabulous bead by SherryBellamy, a little bird by MNSCeramics, a gorgeous necklace by irregularexpressions, and a felted vessel by sugarplumoriginals, which sellers I found in Susans faves.

For beadwork, I chose the magic of a thejadedog Embroidered Purse and a Tigers Eye Necklace by CieloDesign.

If memory served me gabriel is a favorite of Susan and her Armor 21-bead/pendant was a perfect fit.

My own favorites offered reuler's alligator and bird bowl, beadsofpassion's scaley bead, Bellebeads' scintillating blue bead and LaPellaPottery's textured Nature Lover's Soap Dish.

Excitingly enough within hours two of the chosen beads sold so I traded them out. Then an alternate sold, so I traded it out too!
You can see the beauty up closer here.


  1. I'm humbled that you chose this treasury to honor me and my work. Thank you so much, it is truly appreciated.

  2. Wow! To have items sold from your treasury! I think other than getting your treasury on the front page having items sold out of your treasury is the ultimate. I would love to be able to say that on any treasury that I created.

  3. Great treasury and lovely artistry highlighted therein. I really dig those art deco earrings!

  4. It's a really beautiful eclectic collection in this treasury. I have that Jade Dog piece in my favourites too. And WOW it's great those beads have sold from there too!

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  6. It is fun to curate pieces that others buy. I've been on the other end too and had people buy things they saw in a treasury which is awesome!

    My regret about this piece is a I forgot to say that Susan was the first beadweaving artist I everhearted-- which was cool!

  7. These are beautiful choices in your treasury. It has a special look to it.