Thursday, July 17, 2008

Salamandar House

This is the 3rd in my series of Etsy Treasurys Dedicated to EBW Team members.

Recently I interviewed bead artist Melody Murray on my blog: Focus On: Melody Murray.

Finding out that she loves beadwork, critters, gardening and handmade art inspired this treasury featuring: SalamanderHouse, GretchenKramp, caraway, PotteryByAnn, WickedOakDesign, thebeadlounge, watermelonkidz, CINEWEENIE, myfairladyvt4, naturaldevelopments, AnnE

I knew I wanted to use Melody's fabulous beaded headband so the treasury would be basically green.

When I searched salamander I found an adorable orange guy and a great tile, but much else that really caught me. I widened the search as I knew that Melody had a thing for lizards of all kinds. I found a bunch of great lizards, but didn't want to only have lizards so I narrowed it down to three, a mug, another orange/brown tile and a great psychedelic iguana! He's actually a doctored photo. I had an iguana once. He was awesome.

Melody is playing with hot glass these days so I went searching for green beads in my favorites and found two (1,2) that screamed texture/garden/reptile.

Tons of EBW Team items were green, but I was looking for lizardy textures and found so many wonderful things! It was tough to narrow it down, but there's only so much space!

I really love AnnE's work. I know her personally. She does the kind of thing that many don't take as serious art, but if I painted it would be along those lines.

I found so much that couldn't cram it all in, but I love the result and I hope Melody did too!
Till tomorrow afternoon, you can see everything a bit closer here.


  1. You have such a wonderful knack for pulling these disparate elements together into a cohesive tribute to the EBW member you focus on. I'm so glad you started bloggin, Sarah :)

  2. Wow. That is so cool. I was blown away by the treasury- but that's nothing to learning about your reasoning for all the picks! I'm so tickled by the whole thing. Thank you. :-)

    p.s. I want everything in that treasury!

  3. Lovely treasury. I love hearing how others come up with their treasuries.

  4. I love blogging, but I confess that your comments are the reason I love blogging:) Thanks for all of your support!

  5. I really love the green treasury. It's awesome.

  6. I love this post about Melody and the backstory on the treasury!