Tuesday, April 14, 2009

day 3 of the BAO welcomes spring sale and giveaway

For Day Three of the BAO Welcomes Spring Giveaways, we'd like you to find your favorite white or mostly white creation by one of our members, in remembrance of the day the Titanic struck the iceberg that caused the ship to sink.

Go to the Bead Art Originals blog to enter!
You could win these gorgeous earrings by Triz!
There's still time to enter to win the Day 1 and 2 giveaways too-- so don't miss out!
The sale is still going strong at thebeadedlily on etsy! Check out the details in my shop announcment!
If you're up for it you should read The Titanic by June Robertson Beisch-- it ends with the line "love is the most beautiful of absolute disasters."

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