Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ebw may challenge theme announced

The March EBW Challenge was won by Rachele of RachelesOriginals. Her prize, as always, is getting to choose the next Challenge Theme.
Here is what Rachele had to say: "I was thinking about Hollywood Red Carpet Creations, past, present, or future. What do you think? If you had the opportunity to create a piece of jewelry that your favorite movie star would wear to a red carpet event, what would it be? This movie star can be real or imagined, and it can be at any time period, well at least, since their have been movies."

I've been awaiting the theme, but I have no idea what to do here as I'm not much into the red carpet scene. hmmmm.


  1. What an incredible work of art.

  2. there's always the route of "what do you think people SHOULD wear for jewelry on the red carpet" which may have absolutely no relation to what IS warn. And you definitely make some things that world should know about. :D

  3. and by 'warn' I meant 'worn.' I need some sleep...

  4. Racheles pieces are red carpet worthy, for sure!

    I'm with you Ginny-- and my firstidea has to do with someone who doesn't frequent awards shows anyway:)