Saturday, April 11, 2009

red carpet maybe, + sales and giveways

OK-- so here's the progress so far. I can never tell if these are going to work out or not. I do love the texture though.
The board is a BeadBuddy with these cool little covered compartments-- love it!
Tomorrow thebeadedlily is going to start a sale! YAY!
And I'm not alone either.
Seventeen of our members are participating in this huge BAO sales event.
Visit the Bead Art Originals blog for more information and check back here tomorrow and every day next week for some great giveaways!

Please be sure to vote in the EBW Time Travel Challenge too!


  1. Oh are those triangle beads?? Love the colors!

  2. Ha! I was also going to ask if they were triangles. I love the texture you get by weaving them together like that, but it takes forEVER to cull them out decently.

    Have you tried using them in tubular Ndebele?

  3. Nope-- never tried them in Ndebele-- this is actually the first time I've woven them (besides freeform sections). I'm not much of a culler actually-- I tend to try to find places for the funky ones to work:)
    I thought about going herringbone or 2-drop peyote but I wanted a feel for how plain peyote would work up.

  4. Stunning textures and colors so far, Sarah. I look forward to seeing where you go with this. I like these triangles so much better than the ones with the Miyuki ones with the much more rounded corners.

  5. Lovely. Of course, I always thought your work was lovely.