Saturday, April 25, 2009

the haze clears

So I've got more challenges looming on the horizon!

I just finished my entry into the Etsy BeadWeaver's Red Carpet challenge.

Then the Bead Art Originals group decided to also have the occasional challenge. We're really still organizing it. I voted on the theme and we picked the one I voted for, but once it was announced my mind blanked.

I wanted to design a piece for a fictional character but I had *horrible* time picking one. I finally realized that my preferences gravitate toward folks who just can't wear much jewelry-- maybe it clashes with their swords, guns, blasters, et al?

Anyway, yesterday in a fit of desperation I re-read chapter 49 of 'The Count of Monte Cristo". If Haidee kept a knife, and I imagine she did, she did so discreetly. I'd actually thought of her before, but envisioned her in rubies, diamonds and gold on a night at the opera. And my first design efforts left something to be desired.

In chapter 49 the Count calls on her at home. She wears white satin trousers embroidered with pink roses and a blue (I envision the shade on the violet side) and white vest trimmed with silver and pearls over a diamond clasped bodice. Her slippers and cap are covered in gold and pearls, her sash is a riot of colored scarves.

I had wanted to design something with pink opal and pink Botswana agate and yesterday I got a bunch of sea urchin spines. Last night I gathered a selection of pink, violet and wine seed beads and started in on a collar for Haidee. (I'm going to repeat from a much older post that she was so much cooler than Mercedes. The whole Hollywood-refusing-to-get-that-right-thing really bugs me. I once put up with about 6 hours of Gerard Depardieu because I figured they'd taken so long because they were going to do it right. Wrong. Ick. Irk. Eep. I'm scarred for life. Blech.)

Then this morning I woke up and was immediately struck with an idea for the New Horizons Challenge for the Beadweaving Emporium over at 1000Markets. A new horizon for me, as I've yet to bead anything except jewelry. Again, it's something I've had on my mind for awhile, so I'm surprised it took me so long to make the connection with the Challenge.

I'm not usually so well stocked with larger projects. I'm kind of excited!


  1. We need pictures of the finished pieces, lol ;)
    Good luck with the challenge, not that you'll need it your works fabulous!
    Nic xx

  2. Can't wait to see the work!
    I totally agree on the movies not doing literature justice thing- it's pretty rare that I go see a movie and think it's better or equal to the book. I should learn my lesson and not bother with movies! :)