Saturday, April 4, 2009

yet another nosering

Today I made an assortment of these pretties-- yet another custom item. I made them in 10mm 22ga goldfill and 10mm sterling silver.
I made a 12mm one in 18ga sterling and a pair of earrings-- 12mm 22ga sterling.
They're sooooo cute! Love them!
This jade and niobium piece is fairly new too-- also started as a custom job.
While I was showing off the latest and greatest I figured I'd make a montage on of some of my nosering designs.


  1. oh i love these... i think my nose ring closed up :-( cos i couldn't find nose rings i like.... these would have been perfect!!!

  2. That's so sad:( I do love a pretty nose ring!

  3. If I had a nose ring hole, I would want that one with the spirals dangling off of it! It's so awesome and would look perfect with my tribal belly dance clothes!

  4. Which reminds me-- I've been meaning to make earrings along those lines . . .