Saturday, November 15, 2008

the artist as missionary

Robert K. Liu says, "The bead enthusiast is also a missionary of knowledge, trying to enlighten the vast majority of people who are ignorant of their beauty, charm and fascinating history that characterize theses small perforated artifacts."
Said like that it sounds so noble, these efforts we all make educate others about our crafts.
I was thinking the other day about disposable incomes, luxuries, and art. So many are afraid that the economy will take a bite out of their income because art isn't what many of us would regard as a necessity.
But every society, no matter how poor, has its art. It can be poetry, songs and stories, graffiti on tin walls, tattoos, drawings on cave walls, a string of beads wrapped around the newborn's neck. People, no matter what their economic situation, will surround themselves with beautiful things as they can.
It's interesting that here in the West beads are used mostly for adornment, whereas historically their role is much, much broader. Lois Sherr Durbin goes so far as to say that, "The ways in which beads are used helps to define a particular group's conception of beauty . . . People have used beads to organize and symbolize their world."
The mission is to help people see what we see, to encourage others to identify with the story of our art, to explore its meaning in their lives.

Low Tide in Autumn

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  1. sarah, you have just thrown me over the edge in to full blown dedication to continuing to work with beads on all their many lustrous and wonderful levels!