Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm not so hot at this technology thing. I muddle. I get a tip here and there. I labor to grasp things that everyone else under 45 seems to breeze through like they were born to it. And I blog.

I've learned a lot from the blog actually, and recently I decided I just had to have three columns because the single side bar was just getting too crowded. How hard could it be?

I tried. I gave up. I tried again. I downloaded this. Copied that. Gave up. Tried again. This has been going on for quite sometime. And I've been very careful to back everything up so I wouldn't loose anything. Or so I thought.

Yesterday, languishing on the couch, tired of beading, too icky feeling to do much of anything I decided to try again. And I succeeded! Sort of. I downloaded another try that worked, but left all of my widgets behind. I uploaded my old template, only to find out that my widgets were lost for good. I uploaded the new one and it didn't work. I deleted it, redownloaded it, reuploaded it, and it still didn't work. I reuploaded the old template and stumbled on some super clear instructions (I'd already played with super unclear instructions more than once) on how to edit your pre-existing template to get three columns. Yay! It's done! I have no idea where those instructions came from-- classic Sarah-- lost the site.

Lost all my widgets. My beautiful blog role will have to be recreated from scratch, one blog at a time as I remember you or come across you again. If I had your link up, comment so I can find you again! I'm working backwards through my posts now, and comments, to get some of you back.

Also gone is my Twitter feed. Who knows how I got that there in the first place. I don't remember! Gone are my buttons leading to this blog and that-- I can't figure out buttons! I figured out one, but can't seem to get the others to work.

Gone are the badges from sites that feed my posts into their pools to be picked up by this subscriber and that-- I hope my Feedburner feed is intact!

So, I feel like I hit my blog with a wrecking ball and now I'm recreating it. Oh well.

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  1. It was fear of losing everything that kept me from moving to the new (now old hat) blogger for so heart goes out to you, Sarah! Such frustrations are then of course only magnified by not feeling well. *hugs*

  2. If we signed up before, Sara, are we still signed up? I was going to ask you how you make it 3 columns but I guess I will have to figure it out myself too. LOL

  3. *hugs* back CD:)
    Marilyn, yes, all should be in order. And I found the site again, but it's for blogspot blogs only--

  4. Eep! I'm sorry you have had such a rough time. I am afraid to mess with my blog at all, it's straight out of the blogspot can.

  5. This totally swept me off my feet: I was trying to do the 3-column thing this very day! Well, at least I know there are instructions somewhere in the world, and you don't know how encouraging that is to me.