Tuesday, November 18, 2008

are your guys hard to shop for?

My Grow a Backbone necklace was featured on Rare Bird Finds last night. It was such a cool surprise when I noticed the name on my sidebar and checked it out to discover that, yes, indeed, it was my necklace that was being featured!

Then someone mentioned regarding the new Bead Art Originals Gift Guide that more gifts for guys would be great.

Several items in my primitive series are perfect for guys who like jewelry. I have handmade chains, nose rings, earrings, rings-- but what if they guy isn't into jewelry?

BIL wear's something once in awhile, and fathermine rarely even wears his wedding ring. Answer for the beadily inclined? Key fob! Guys have keys, right?

So I sat down and made several out of rough stones, horn, bone and clay. I'll be listing them along and along today, but here's a sneak peek! (They're listed here now!)

I'd love to know what you think!


  1. Those are great Sarah! I have a couple keychains, but I was thinking about making others more suited for men.

  2. "way cool" that's what I think! ;O

  3. Thanks guys! Sometimes I feel like I miss masculine by just one bead. It's good (comforting) to know that you think I've got it down here:)

  4. very cool, and masculine indeed!