Saturday, November 8, 2008

an invitation, or I'm too tired to type much

So tired tonight after a day at the Bazaar.
The today Bazaar was less than a smashing success so I'm hoping that next month's handmade show will be better. Much better!

I've decided to to start a newsletter! You'll see the sign-up box on the top right side of my blog! To encourage you to sign up I'm having a drawing December 1st for a $20 credit toward anything in my shop! So go ahead! Sign up tonight!
Daily dose of beauty:
Anna Neff at A Rose by Name issued me the Butterfly Award for coolness! Thanks Anna!
I'm nominating 10 blogs-- some of the coolest out there! By coolest tonight, I mean prettiest!


  1. I am exhibiting at a craft show this weekend too and so far, it has been dismal:( Hopefully today (Sunday) will be better:) I do know that good times are coming for all of us:):)

  2. those things are exhausting right? I was just spent...but regardless of sales, it was great fun to mingle with the people...

  3. Wow. Thanks for the coolness nomination :)

    And I remember some totally exhausting days at Farmers Market...when you have lots of sales the exhileration counteracts the exhaustion, so I hope that's what happens for you next time!

  4. thank you for the nomination, beadedlily... your blog is very deserving of this award!



  5. Thank you so much for this award! I appreciate it so much that you passed it on to my blog!