Friday, November 21, 2008

the green project: a beading journal

I know that this isn't the first day I've worked on this. Beadwork begins with the conception of an idea, it's refining and shopping for beads-- even if the 'shopping' is all from your own stash.
As it happens I got the idea to create a beaded scarflette in a grocery store parking lot and then selected several hundred dollars worth of gorgeous green seed beads to work it up in. Since I don't have that kind of cash I enlisted sister mine to help me narrow it down it a bit less that a hundred dollars with of gorgeous green seed beads which arrived and sat for weeks.
Today I put needle to thread and began in earnest. I even have green 'thread'! When I wrote Beadalon about their giveaway offer they sent me two colors of their new WildFire beadweaving thread. One was a green that I had no idea what to do with. This of course!
I started by semi-randomly pulling 8 greens and pouring beads into two lids and stringing, again semi-randomly, just over 5 inches of beads. Then I used peyote stitch-- mostly single drop, but some 2 drop and one 3 drop area.
I started with a size 12 sharp, which I poked myself with several times and which ate a hole in the WildFire, which turns out to be a coating over tiny white fibers. I had to cut my thread and I switched to a 10 long, which broke the second bead I tried to put it through. Then I switched to a 13 long, which I broke very soon after threading. The dull end doesn't get caught in the WildFire though, so I'm still using it.
I got all of three rows done in a bout an hour of work, but it's a start. I do like the WildFire, it's easier on the skin than FireLine. And I had sistermine over and held the strip up to her neck and it looks like I've started the widest area first so I'll be decreasing here and there. I may throw in some herringbone, and I'm sure to throw in holes and larger beads-- which I'm already collecting.
This is certainly on of the largest projects I've started and I hope you enjoy watching it develop as I'll enjoy making it and sistermine will enjoy wearing it!
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  1. I used my sample of WildFire and also rubbed the coating off right away. The underlying white thread was super fray-prone. I am not yet converted, in other words.

    I am excited about your scarflette! I look forward to more photos. Thanks for sharing the process!

  2. wow! i can't wait to see it all complete...I'm sure it will be gorgeous...and nice to see the process along the way....have a lovely weekend!