Thursday, November 20, 2008

something to talk about

I just wanted to share something beautiful today.
There's not much going on, just a couple of ideas in my head. I'm wondering about doing the Savannah Market Bazaar again. They're going to give the artists their own little corner, and it's shopping season, still I have doubts . . . (what's new?)
Also, I've got my green project waiting for me to put needle to thread and I'm thinking of keeping a journal of it. That might be kind of cool.


  1. I love your eye for treasuries!
    btw, widgit is my fabulously artistic cuz-in-law who first told me about Etsy. :D So cool that you're featuring her dragon! You should see some of the silhouette drawings she's done..

  2. Do you have good luck doing the Savannah Market Bazaar? I've been thinking of doing it and not sure...I checked it out in March, and there weren't a lot of people there, but the weather was horrible too...

  3. DD-- I haven't done it all this year. I just decided-- with the flea market feel-- that it wasn't for me:)