Friday, December 12, 2008

the green project: a beading journal II

I only think I'm finished for the day. I go over to my cousin's place to watch HellBoy and Rocket Man. I try to bead. I break all of my three remaining needles before both movies are over.

I'm too sick for patience.

I wait till evening to begin and go back to the size 12 sharps, which are, well, sharp. I never poke myself with longs. *pout*

If I'm very careful, pull on the thread and not the needle and move the eye often, maybe I won't break through the covering.

I'm at the point where I can start veering from the initial pattern. It's much easier to increase than decrease. I should have started on the narrow end.

I find a place I can't go through for fear of breaking the needle and instead go over the trouble beads with emerald chips. Emeralds make sistermine happy. So far, so good.

The weaving is beginning to twist a bit. I hope it evens itself out and try to compensate by eliminating a bead right after I add one.

I bead all the way to the doctor's office-- starting from the other side! I find out I'm getting referred to a shrink, and bead all the way home. (You'll be pleased to know that I didn't drive myself to the doctor's office and bead at the same time.) I'm so ready to start with different shades-- though the ones I'm using are quite fabulous.

I start using other colors! Yay!

I'm still sick and miserable, and I just don't feel like beading. I'm stocking my stores and ordering goodies for my next project.

Feeling better. Good thing because I'm busy with sales. I look at the project, but have no will power.

Things calm a bit, but I just can't focus!

As a lovely aside I won a SandFibers beaded beauty!!!!
Will share more later!


  1. This is beautiful !! You ROCK !!
    You make it seem so easy !
    Merry Christmas !

  2. Well thanks Debra! Be sure to keep checking back as it evolves!