Thursday, December 11, 2008

focus on: xusah

A few weeks ago an artist contacted me with questions about my work. A few convos later the best trade ever was arranged. I'm currently the proud, comfy and stylin' wearer of two xusah creations, so I'm thrilled that she's agreed to be interviewed here!

Full Name: xusah
Site: xusah

Tell us about yourself. What makes you, you?
original, optimistic, artistic, always looking to be of service, eternally devoted to mother earth
Do you see yourself as an artist or craftsman or both?
definitely artist - everything, from planting vegetables to drawing to cleaning to playing music is approached as a work of art - it just makes life more fun and coherent
What made you want to be an artist?
have never been anything else - my parents are highly creative people so it was inevitable :) i love to communicate and i love inspiring and being inspired by all creative mediums
Why clothes?
clothing offers a way to share art that is very functional - you can sculpt it, collage it, paint on it, and produce something completely original - it makes it so what a person is wearing is as unique as their fingerprints, and the intent is to highlight that part of each individual - its a way to communicate via tangible objects - something that can be worn through memorable moments and in the daily flow of life, instead of only being admired on a wall... i like the impermanence of it as well, the idea of someone wearing it out, because it is so comfortable and a part of their presence that they wear it all the time
How do you see your style and what makes it unique?
organic, bright, improvisational, spontaneous, one of a kind - i make what i would wear and share, for the love of it - and all materials are organic / sustainably produced or recycled - which is very important for MANY reasons
What's the most wonderful thing you've made? The oddest?
hmm - i seem to always love each new piece the best, whatever my hands are currently busy with! the oddest was a slip style dress made from vintage ww2 parachute silk, made on a vintage sewing machine even older than that - it was not an easy project, but it came out pretty cool
What inspires you?
nature, individuality, sovereign thinking, simple pleasures, balance
What scares you?
nothing really - but all environmental issues are of deep concern and i am always working to support as many positive ecological movements as possible
Tell us about your creative process.
usually the material tells me what it wants to become - or i'll have an idea for something to paint, and create a fabric-canvas for it, so i just get into it and it magically appears a number of hours later... sometimes i go back to things but usually its a one shot deal and i can't stop until its finished... my studio is a in geodesic dome with a number of other studio spaces that i share with other artists and musicians, so it is a very inspired atmosphere in general
Describe your shop.
a place where you will always find something completely and totally unique
Make a recommendation.
thebeadedlily! she is one of the most talented people i've met on etsy and i'm honored to wear some of her work! some other amazingly talented etsy folks / friends are mamoplanet (my mom) - phoot (my sister) - maiaart - divergentlayers - moonstr - fromthefigtree
Tell us the answer to a question that we didn't ask, but should have. If you can't think of anything, tell us something random.
ok - something random ;) mind precedes matter - so if you have a vision keep at it and it will be - even if you are working on defining or redefining what your vision is more - keep envisioning - if it comes from the heart it will materialize - love unconditionally, be compassionate and sincere, tread lightly on the earth, and wear a smile inside and out as much as you possibly can - there is always something to be truly thankful for


And no, I didn't pay her, bribe her, threaten her or otherwise coerce her to recommend me-- nor did I make it up. She just has really good taste!

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