Monday, December 8, 2008

picture this

The BAO Items of the week are up for your perusal! Some marvelous things and great deals to be had.
Specifics are here!

In other news, thebeadedlily was featured on Etsy's front page twice this week (whoo!) and that thanks to the lovely artists who featured my pieces in their gorgeous treasuries! Here are some of their beutiful pieces!
This is a bit late being posted! I almost took a picture of the packages I sent out today. There were 9 of them! That's a record for me in one day! I don't think I've ever sent out 5 at the same time before. Anyway, I feel like something (persistance maybe?) is paying off! Yay!

The rest of my Tropical Vacation things came in today, so I'll shoot them and you'll get to see my goodies tomorrow! Yay!
Also I was featured by the wonderful donna and her blog DZFantasy! Check it out!
Edit: It looks like I missed a few curators this time round:( I'll share more wonders tomorrow! Sorry!

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  1. Congratulations on the well-deserved improved sales :D And thank you for showing my new earrings!