Thursday, December 18, 2008

wearable art, the rest of the story

Today is the rest of the Wearable Arts Market artists as it currently stands!
14 of us!
As other artists are included in the market I'll be sure to introduce!
I'm making my first beaded sandal/foot thong/ whatever thingy today. Special order!
And I'm only one sale away from my end of year goal! Methinks I'll make it!


  1. What a great feature and thank you for including my Hydrangea cuff. I love the Wearable Art market at 1000markets!

  2. Hey, I got a Google Alert about this...way cool! Thanks for including my Baby Steps :) And I agree with Waterrose...I love the Wearable Art Market at too!

    And I love that close up of catkill...gee, I think love is in the air teehee

    Glad I found your blog, subscribed to it in Reader too