Sunday, December 7, 2008

last bits and a bit of string . . .

The twelfth and final prize up for grabs for the BAO giveaway is this bead crocheted necklace by SalamanderHouse. Enter to win!
Also, if you haven't yet you can enter to win
the Primitive Earrings by thebeadedlily
the Raku Pendant by MakuStudio
the earthreads by Malodora

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My 250th sale Celebration Giveaway prize winner was selected yesterday!

Comment #26: Great designs, I am mesmerised by the hana-bi cuff IOTW, it looks great and by far is the piece that I would wear most. Every day, I put my watch on my left wrist and a bracelet/ cuff or multiples on my right wrist. Thanks so much for this great giveaway.

She picked out a couple pairs of earrings that will head her way tomorrow!

The piece above started with beating the snot out of some sterling wire and oxidizing it to see what would happen. It was fun. I stashed the results.

Then there was an impulse purchase of huge aragonite coins. I like aragonite.

Much more recently there was a blogpost about hand-dyed yarn. I made no connection. I admired it and skipped.

Then, a few weeks ago, there was an idea for a beadwoven project with the theme 'Tropical Vacation'. Thinking everyone else involved would go floral, I thought about what I'd wear in Hawaii(planning a trip there next year). Not flowers. Shells. Beachcombing.

I shopped. I thought about the yarn. I skipped.

As I waited for my goodies to arrive, I picked up the aragonite (and selected some accent pieces for a pendant) and strung it into a collar. One bead short of a collar because of a tiny chip near the whole of one bead which showed the beading cable. I thought about the yarn. I found the blogpost, found the store and bought it.

I remembered the sterling pieces and hauled them out.

The yarn came, and was fabulous, and I strung some of the stones, but I worried that it would stretch. I doubled it, but it was way to thick to fit all of the aragonite and it broke. I then thought of the better idea of stringing the stones on beading cable and then stringing the yarn through the holes too, knotting as I went. Durability and beauty. The first three beads went well, then I pulled the beading cable out and had to start over-- un-knotting as I went--

I started over, later in the day, when I could breathe again. It came together finally, a bit different than anything else I've done. Sistermine pronounces it my most beautiful creation to date.

It's good, very good, for something that started with me pounding the snot out of some wire to see what would happen.

And I can't wait to start the beadwoven project!

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