Tuesday, December 16, 2008

gypsy eyes jewelry takes the snow queen challenge and other stuff

It's getting to be a habit and I'm just not sure what to make of it. I think in my entire challenge history I've voted for the winner three or four times. Two of them were this month and last. What does that mean?
I adored Queen of the Frozen Tundra the moment I laid eyes on it. I knew I'd wear it! It was a bit of a dark horse really. It didn't start out so strong and then suddenly *woosh* it passed both the leaders and landed the prize! Congrats to Karin!
My special mentions this month goes to Frozen Waters. It reminds me of an ice flow. Or a glacier. Gorgeous work!
My own Mirka garnered 25 votes! Thanks to everyone who voted for her!
And when I checked in this morning and as I sit typing this my Bramble bracelet graces the front page of Etsy!
Yay and thank you to the curator kimiko611
And I'm really feeling a bit better today-- like I'm finally getting over this bug. So maybe today is a good day!


  1. These are all amazing! Thanks for posting...and congrats on the FP!

  2. thank you so much Sarah for the special mention!!!! Your pieces are gorgeous and deserving of the FP, congratulations!!!! :-)