Wednesday, December 3, 2008

it's another day, another giveaway

Some of the BAO goodies have already been awarded to their proud new keepers, but a few are still waiting for their perfect match!

You can skip the set of three Raku Connector Beads created by LisaPetersArt, they want to come live with me!

But there's also the lovely Snowball Earrings created by juiceglass (a little fickle-- I think they're holding out for something)

the Houndstooth Necklace by Naftali (steady and strong-- she's not settling!)

and the Primitive Earrings by thebeadedlily (just happy to be leaving the nest, isn't that sad?)

Be sure to go read and comment on my 250th Celebration Giveaway! The prize is your choice of goodies from thebeadedlily! Irresistible right? I know!

I went on a shopping spree for my Tropical Paradise project. The pieces are starting to filter in. When they all get here, I'll shoot them and share!

And this Treasury with the matching earrings made the Etsy front page today! Yippee!

Thanks Xenotees!


  1. Thank you for featuring my raku pendant! I'm so excited to have won the prize drawing!!! Thanks so much!!!

    You have received and award! Visit my blog to receive it!!!

  2. sarah, my mind spins at not only the beauty you create, but the beauty created by others here... truly, i'm speechless...

  3. hooray for your front page!! I also made sure to go and enter for today's prize. :p (I also couldn't help myself from entering for the Raku Connector Beads.. please don't hit me! *ducks*) :D

  4. Thanks Mak!

    lynne-- Thanks so much for checking in from time to time:)

    Ginny-- Say it sain't so!!!!! *whack!*