Saturday, December 27, 2008

hmmm, something else?

No beading for me today.

My cousin asked me to come over for a craft day-- which I thought would be me beading and him doing whatever he wanted of his many crafty interests.

Not what he had in mind! He wanted to show me a bit about polymer clay.

So I got to run the clay through the pasta machine and pick out the colors of the paints and things that we used. It was fun and my bead turned out so much better than the first and last time I tried polymer!


  1. That's really pretty! I haven't tried mixing paint in my clay yet. Is that bits of metal foil or leaf in there, too?

  2. That is so cool Sarah! I would love to try polymer clay, but I'm afraid to since I'm sure I would be completely addicted!

  3. Yes, silver foil.

    Ah, Anna, it can't hurt to try it once or twice *grin*

  4. Polymer Clay Rocks! I am a poly-clay junkie and I incorporate my clay with other beads ,I make pendants I do photo transfer the art you can create is endless if you haven't tried it you are missing out on such a wonderful medium! I want to extend a challenge to all your readers as a New Year resoution to try at least 1 new art medium to challenge your creativity. You will be impressed and amazed at yourself. Ready, Set, Go, Have Fun !!

  5. And a lovely and worthy challenge that is!

  6. Sarah, how ironic! I just listed my first ever combo piece of polymer clay and beadwork today. Your bead is very pretty. I've not done a successful mogume gane (sp?) bead yet. But marbleing is a blast!