Tuesday, January 13, 2009

because of all the work

Seth Godin invited me to contemplate the relationship between expense and beauty this morning. Interesting, because I think I was raised to see that relationship.

Not that anyone taught me that things that cost more money are prettier than things that cost less. Quite the opposite actually. We shopped discount stores and sales. What I was taught-- and I don't know if my family set out to teach this, or if I absorbed it by osmosis-- was that if you invest enough time and energy in something, you make it beautiful.

Mothermine was never the type to feed us out of a box. I was raised in the land of homemade everything. TV dinners, Pop Tarts and Fruit Roll-ups were a fun occasional treat! Little Debbies and sugary cereals were never in our home.

Half of my wardrobe-- the favorite half, with ruffles and ribbons and lace and little cute buttons-- was handmade, as were our rugs, potholders, napkins and blankets.

At the time that kind of life was cost-efficient, but I know now that it took time and energy and love to make all of those things.

I picked up the sentiment and ran with it.  I'll pick up things and say, "This is soo beautiful. Look at all the work that went in to this." And really, what I'm saying is, "This is soo beautiful because of all the work that went into this."

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