Saturday, January 24, 2009

CPSIA-- grace under fire

If you're reading this you probably already know about the whole CPSIA thing that has crafters up in arms. If you don't-- it's a regulation going into effect next month that states that anything primarily sold for the use of children has to undergo extensive and expensive safety testing.

Most small businesses simply can't afford the testing and so will be unable to sell their children's wares. Some have already shut their doors. There are a lot of angry and panicky people out there-- and many have already done their best to bring the issue to the attention of the powers that be.

Two crafters recently caught my attention for their tongue-in-cheek handling of what has to be a scary situation for them. I wanted to share their tactics here.

WholeMother says,

"These pants are CPSIA-compliant SAFETY PANTS. They are made of 100% cotton
flannel and cotton thread. No need to worry about the dangers of elastic,
buttons, polyester thread or color in these pants!

I don't know about you, but white is my preferred color for all children's clothing. Additionally, there is nothing like untying knots while potty training - gives those little bladders a good workout." Read the rest here!

CPSIA compliant toy - Just LOOK at the fun by thetangledwoods

thetangledwoods says,
"Let me introduce you to "ball of wool". He is made of 100% natural, unaltered
American milled wool, and tap water. Should changes not be made before the
legislation takes effect February 10th, this may be the only item I can sell
without fear of prosecution. But he's a fun little...err.. guy, right? You can
do lots of stuff with him... like... watch him sit. Or, watch him roll. Or...
watch him collect dust." Read the rest here!
Both listings have links if you want more information. But this is not a call to action. It's simply a call for admiration of the spirit of those who, like these two, seek to laugh instead of cry.


  1. Sometimes all one can do is laugh. Bravo to these two unquenchable spirits!

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  3. great sense of humor in the face of sheer idiocy, sometimes things are just so stupid laughter is the only response that makes sense.