Sunday, January 25, 2009

odd little day

I woke up late this morning so I dashed out without even turning on my computer. That's unheard of for me!

Not turning on the computer means I didn't get to renew anything on Etsy-- which I do faithfully.

Then I went over to my cousin's place for a sushi lunch (polymer clay cousin) and stayed most of the day. No renewing, obviously.

So it was a pretty big surprise when I came home to three orders. Makes me wonder why I bother renewing all day long!

Anyway-- I made the orders up-- they were all from my Primitive Series-- and packed them up and they're ready to go tomorrow. Which is good because I plan to be gone tomorrow too. And Tuesday. And Wednesday (shrink day).

I'm not sure if this is nervous energy prior to therapy, if I'm trying to convince myself that nothing's really wrong with me by making a pass at a 'normal' life, or if I'm just trying to stay out of the way till the Houseguest is gone . . . . hmmm.

Oh well!
Several folks have asked to see Hawaii '09 modeled. Well here it is. You get all sorts of odd shots when you're trying to take non-blurry pictures of your neck while not chopping off the top of your head.

I felt kind of silly. (KIND OF?!)


  1. Hey, you remembered!!! I think it's lovely (as are you) and it makes me wish I did cool it would be to make a beach sari with this necklace as inspiration! And congrats on the sales!!!

  2. Wow...that's gorgeous!

  3. super-fabulous! loves it :)