Friday, January 2, 2009

small town USPS blues

Cruelly enough I think banks and post offices should stay open all of the time. Now, it wasn't *so* awful when they closed for Christmas. *Everyone* closes for Christmas . . . or they should, because no one goes anywhere anyway.

It wasn't that bad when they closed for New Years. There was a nice big sign on the Post Office door for weeks that said "Closed for New Years". Ok. Wednesday and Thursday I just told everyone that their packages would go out Friday.

Soooooo-- I went to the Post Office today to find *another* sign plastered on the door. "Today we're closing at noon." Ok, then. Um, that info would have been useful, last week, Monday, or even Wednesday! But today? After you're closed?

So I tried the Post Office down the road. No sign, no clerk. Huh?

Finally, farther into town and in a different county, a larger Post Office was open, but the clerk there made me fill out customs forms that I shouldn't have had to fill out. *sulk*

Oh well. It's good that some things are worth the hassle!

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  1. I have to admit to being totally spoiled when it comes to postal service. We have mail pickup at our house (well, I guess almost everyone does), and it seems like our service is incredibly fast as my customers say they receive their packages quickly. I've had my mailbox stuffed to overflowing and have even used a bungee cord to strap bigger packages on top of it.

    I rarely have to go to the post office at all. I have a stack of those customs forms at home (and sadly, I've had the postal service return a package or two to me telling me that I need the form when I really don't), and I buy postage stamps online at

    You're completely right, though. The little post offices should have the same rules and open hours as the big ones!