Tuesday, January 27, 2009


First let me share something that got a smile from me today:

The Crocodile

by Lewis Carroll

How doth the little crocodile
Improve his shining tail,
And pour the waters of the Nile
On every golden scale!

How cheerfully he seems to grin,
How neatly spreads his claws,
And welcomes little fishes in,
With gently smiling jaws!

If you don't subscribe to The Writer's Almanac, you really should! It's a nice mix of old favorites, new awesomeness, the occasional total waste of space and really cool factoids and stories.

I sent out my second newsletter last night-- my subscribers get a chance at a free pair of earrings! If you missed it and want to get in on some extra insanity next month subscribe! The link is at the top right of my blog.

Also of interest today was Seth Godin's definition of creativity.

For me, creativity is the stuff you do at the edges. But the edges are different for everyone, and the edges change over time . . . If you want to be creative, understand that you'll need to get to the edges, even if the edges have moved. Being creative means immediately going to the place the last person left off.

Not a bad definition! I subscribe to Seth's Blog too.

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